Interview : Charlie David

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When did you start acting?

It's always been a part of me, but I guess ever since kindergarten I've been on stage doing something. It's just always been a passion of mine. It wasn't until I was 13 that I started acting professionally, though.

For adults or kids?

Well. both, really. I was really lucky and was given the opportunity to join Saskatchewan Express, which is a group of 10 performers who tour Canada. We did shows for audiences of all ages.

How big were your audiences?

Sometimes as big as 2,500 people.


Yeah. It was just so great to be with other serious performers and to learn with them and from them.

So, after seeing all of Canada, where did you land next?

Well, when I was about 16, I started working at one of the local TV stations in Saskatchewan. I also did quite a few radio jingles.

Singing jingles?

Yes, but also just plain old spoken voice overs too.

And after you finished high school, where did you head?

I moved to Victoria, British Columbia and attended the Canadian College of Performing Arts. There were only about 40 students accepted in my class, so I felt very lucky to be there.

What did you study there? Did you concentrate on an area of the arts?

Kind of, but we studied the whole gambit really. Dancing, singing, Shakespearean acting, the spoken word-we really were grounded in it all.

Did you have a favorite discipline?

Oh, yeah. Acting-always acting. I have been involved with the music side for my entire life-organ, piano. I accompanied a lot of people at church since I was pretty young. But it was always acting I wanted to do most.

Is church still a part of your life?

Very much so. I attend Mass every Sunday.

Good Catholic boy, eh?

[Laughs] Eh? You Canadian all of a sudden? [Laughs] Well, Catholic-yes. Good Catholic-usually!

What about a guy who wants to be your boyfriend-does he have to be Catholic or religious?

It's certainly not a prerequisite, but it is a very important part of my life and of my value system. I don't push it on others, but I know it works for me. Often times, I will say that I am attracted to people with similar values, but I don't think that is that uncommon.

How do you balance romance, religion and work? Most people have enough trouble with the romance and work stuff, but you factor in religion, too!

Well, it is hard, but it's worth it to me. The hardest is the travel, of course. Then there's the weird working hours, but basically it's the same old story: It requires an understanding partner and a lot of compromise.

When you say compromise, are you talking about your beliefs or your schedule or both?
My schedule. I mean, auditions come very last minute, and usually work does too. I could have to leave for a month to go do a show like this one, and that is just not something I can turn down.

But, not a compromise like opening up your relationship to other "encounters"?

No, definitely not. Monogamy works for me. Finding that guy who fits that glass slipper is tough, but I know he's out there!

What is the call you could get tomorrow that would change your life?



That's a good question. Listen, each show that I've done has changed my life, so I guess pretty much any offer of serious work could and would probably change my life again. See, I've tried to stop saying, "When I reach this point, I'll be happy." It's just not practical. I guess there really isn't that one project that I'm waiting for.


Well. [Laughs] I am interested in producing some of my own writing, so I guess if that offer came, that would be great and definitely life-changing.

Do you think that being a Canuck has helped you in your career?

Not really. It's just a part of who I am-like being gay or having brown eyes and hair. Working as a Canadian in the American marketplace tends to just add to the challenge of getting work.

Speaking of getting work. What's next for you after you wrap Dante's Cove?

Well, I've been very lucky and I've acted steadily for the past year, so I'm at a point where I can act and only act. I can write, go to the gym and really live the life I want to, and pursue my next acting job wholly and completely.

Sounds like you're ready for the next challenge. L.A.?

Maybe. I've lived there before. My best friend is there. There are definitely draws to get me back, but Vancouver has been really good for me professionally. I don't know. Honestly, it was my plan to move down there recently, but then I got this show. Those plans were obviously postponed.

We think it's awesome that you're out and proud at such a young age.

Thanks. It was a tough decision, but I know it was the right one.

Do you think making that right decision could be a wrong one in terms of your career?

Possibly. I don't know. I mean, being out could help my career too.

You think so?

Basically, I'm ready to roll with the punches. On my personal journey, this is right for me now. At the end of the day, I'm ready to just be comfortable with me-with who I am.

God, that sounds good to us, too.